Business Assurance

Running and owning a business in today’s modern society is fraught with risk, government intervention and legal red tape. The last think you need is for a sudden death or disability to destroy the business you have worked so hard to build.

Banks may call in loans. Your heirs may become embroiled in bitter ownership battles. You may even be saddled with a partner who knows nothing about your business. Your business may lose customers or good will and in the end your heirs and beneficiaries may not receive what was due to them.

With proper Business Assurance Planning you will be able to address these risks and provide financially, not only for your dependants, but also your business partners and employees in the event of death or disability.

Whatever their size, each business has a unique set of financial requirements. Two of the most common needs catered for include:

Buy-and-Sell agreements – these are legal agreements drawn up between partners or shareholders which usually make use of life insurance policies, to ensure continuity in the business by providing a capital sum to be made available to the heirs of the surviving business partners. This ensures that a business’s management and ownership is not thrown into disarray upon the untimely death of one of the stakeholders.

Keyman policies – A life insurance policy is usually taken out by an employer on the life of a key individual in the business. It provides the business with bridging finance in the event of the employee’s untimely death.

Succession planning within a business is a crucial element within any business and needs to be professionally structured by a financial planner.

We provide tailored advice that addresses risks specific to all areas of concern in your business which include:

  • Business Investment Plans
  • Buy & Sell Agreements
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Loss of income protection
  • Personal liability Insurance
  • Preferred Compensation Plans
  • Future Liability Plans

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