Life Assurance, Disability and Dread Disease

Dying prematurely, becoming disabled, or suffering from ill health or a dread disease, are all major life changing events that can have a devastating impact on you and or your families emotional well being and financial situation. With the proper risk planning you can minimize the financial impact than can arise from these events and effectively manage these risks.

Life assurance remains one of the most cost effective methods of providing the needed capital to cover any of these events. It is also an effective estate planning tool and flexible enough to cover you in the event of death or disability for specific short term purchases such as loans, vehicle finance and mortgage bonds.

Despite their relatively simple application for our everyday needs the actual risk products on offer are difficult to understand and complex in nature. A life policy can offer a wide choice of premium patterns and guaranteed benefit periods. Complex terminology and varying degrees of payouts for dread disease and disability makes choosing the right product for your needs much more difficult. It is for this reason that clients are advised not to shop directly for risk related products, but to rather enlist the services of a skilled and experienced advisor who is familiar with the wide range of products and benefits available and is able to match these to your specific requirements and budget.

Hibiscus Brokers have agreements with all the major insurers, as well as a number of well established niche insurers with specialized product offerings. Our advisors are fully accredited to assist you in skillfully matching the best possible product for your needs and circumstances at the best possible price, without compromising the integrity of your risk cover, or detracting from your emotional well being and financial peace of mind.

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” Brian Tracy

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