We don’t all drive Porsche’s and live in mansions but to each of us our assets are just as important and to each of us these assets are Porsche’s and mansions in our eyes. We put such a high value on assets yet hardly consider our biggest asset, our lives. We can also provide you with a range of financial services products that will take care of your worldly possessions as well as your life should something unforeseen happen to you.

Home and Motor

Our ability to make changes when needed on site allows us to do more for you the quickest.  Read more

Financial Planning Services

Whether you planning for next year’s holiday, a fund for your children’s education or to supplement your income at retirement, we at Hibiscus Brokers have the knowledge, resources and experience to meet each specific goal and objective with due consideration to your unique circumstances. Read more

Life Assurance, Disability & Dread Disease

With the proper risk planning you can minimize the financial impact than can arise from these events and effectively manage these risks. Read more

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